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—  Carlyle, MHA Client


“MHA has been a miracle in my life. They rescued me from living on the streets. They gave me hope, encouragement, and tremendous love and understanding. I don’t know where I’d be without them. I’m overwhelmed with their tremendous compassion.”

Empowering People To Create Their Best Life

MHA has constructed, purchased or rehabilitated emergency, transitional and permanent housing sites for individuals with serious mental illness to provide the appropriate type of housing and level of support to meet their needs. MHA currently owns 11 properties, providing 103 units of supportive housing in San Mateo County.

Housing through MHA is on a referral or application process. If you are experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis, please contact one of the Core Service Agencies, which provide clients with crisis intervention and referrals based on an evaluation of their needs and qualifications for assistance, and can provide referrals for homeless shelters and other homeless services.  For a list of the Core Service Agencies...


Temporary Housing


Permanent Housing

71% of Transitional Housing Residents moved into permanent housing.

Landlords - Do you have vacant apartments? 

MHA has helped move 68% of emergency shelter residents into long-term housing.

MHA can help you find new tenants.

For more information please contact Georgia Peterson at


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